5 Ways to Benefit from Your Small Business Size

A problem that many of our clients at ProStrategix present is that they find their company’s size to be a disadvantage. Maybe your business is struggling against a large company for the same customers? Or maybe you are feeling like a David facing a Goliath. But here’s the thing: your business’s size can be the biggest success. Here are five ideas for how to look at the positive side of being a smaller business.

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5 Ways to Use Our Small Size to Create a Business Advantage 

Growth is something you should plan for and that you may soon need, but don’t ignore how your small business’s size can help you now.

1. Create Unique & Targeted Experiences

Make the experience for your customer unique. We don’t have the bureaucracy. For instance, if you’re a gym, how can you make it feel like a family or clique? Anyone can go to a mega gym, but your clients choose to join you. Why? Well, you’re one of the cool kids. Encourage bonding with your trainers, staff, etc. Relationships keep people coming back.

Even a clinic could do the same. Is your staff welcoming? Do they know your patients by name? If they know there’s a backlog, do they take the time to explain to the patient why? Our size allows us to build experiences where people can feel valued, not a number.

2. Customize for Your Clientele

You’ve created experiences that are unique to your own company, but you can also customize and personalize to your existent audience. We can use our small size to create an advantage for our small business. Personalization and customization take time, which is a precious resource. You can’t make every experience personal, but we can avoid the canned “one size fits all” approach. While marketing automation can be a godsend, it can also be a killer on this point. Where you can, the more you can personalize the experience the better. 

3. Be Flexible 

Building on the first two points, experiences and customization are two examples of flexibility. We can use our flexibility to create an advantage for our size of small business. How?

  • Less red tape
  • Provide faster decisions
  • More personal contact
  • More!

Also, don’t forget to reward and recognize your staff when they exhibit flexibility in servicing a customer or client.  

4. Listen to What Your Clients Want 

We’ve talked before about screwing up the sale. Think about this: how many times have you been at a big box retailer searching for something or someone to help? And when you do find them, how many listen? Like, really listen.

Don’t be that business. You’re small and have a dedicated staff that wants to be there working with you. Listen to your customers and help them help you. That can only help you grow in the future. 

5. Be Creative! 

We don’t have long chains of review and approval. Let’s use that to create an advantage for our small business. If you’ve done all of the 4 steps above, it’s probably not that hard to think of creative ways to make things better. If you know your customer on a personal level, and you’ve been listening, they’ll tell what they need. Jump on it.  

It’s Hard to Compete, but Your Size Can Be Your Biggest Advantage 

It will take resources, time and change to bring all of these steps to life. We know that’s the case too. It’s taken us time to figure it out ourselves too. We’ve created a base who feels welcome. They recommend us to others. They feel they’re being heard, and you are being flexible to their needs. So, it’s likely reciprocity will kick in, and they will volunteer ideas. 

All of the five above steps are interrelated. We’ve helped a number of businesses differentiate themselves using these steps, and you can do the same too. The size of your small business doesn’t mean the end of your business, and it will only grow with you as the business grows too.

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