Unretirement: The Secret of a New Workforce

I have a term for you that you will start hearing more and more over the next few years: unretirement. The title explains itself really, with the idea being that retirement is no longer a necessity. Now, you can keep your small business expanding beyond what you may have thought possible in the past, staying in charge past when people may see you as “expired.” Because why stop doing what you love because of something as arbitrary as age?

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What Is “Unretirement?” Exactly?

As I’ve gotten older, that evil ‘R’ word kept creeping closer. I spent a lifetime of gaining knowledge. Am I to toss that away and sit in a home and wait to kick it? No, I don’t accept that. So, instead of thinking about retirement, I started to think about unretirement. My little 5-foot tall Italian grandmother worked with her sisters until she was 90. It gave her purpose. So, I used her as a model and started ProStrategix. 

The amazing thing was I’m not alone. Listening to an interview with Chris Farrell from NPR’s Marketplace was really eye-opening to me. 

It is time to shift the conversation about aging away from Social Security, retirement, physical decline, and an economic crisis, [and] focus on boosting the odds of healthy, active, and purposeful aging through working longer- including launching an entrepreneurial venture. Older minds who are involved in a community are happier.

Chris Farrell, interviewed on the Small Business Radio Show

So. What to do with this information?

Bam, Unretirement – A Whole New Workforce 

If a small business was willing to look past the stereotypes, this could be a real opportunity to access experienced workers. Age discrimination is a real issue, and people who want to work are often not hired at large companies. Think about it. Since when have you had someone with 20 or 30 years of experience in your market want to work at a small business, knowing it comes with a smaller salary? I bet the answer is never.  

It is a talent pool that is underutilized and underserved. So let’s think about ways to change that and to expand both your employee base and audience.

Unretirement – A Whole New Set of Entrepreneurs 

I was amazed by the statistic Mr. Farrell shared. 

For the first time, 25% of all business are started by people who are 55 to 64 years old. These older entrepreneurs are turning their passion into a business. What is different for these people is that many of these new entrepreneurs start to focus on a business with a purpose rather than just earning more money. 

Farrell, SBRS

Speaking as a Gen X’er, I know that I can be a little cynical when it comes to baby-boomers. However, it seems that they and I are sharing the same goal: work because you like it, not just because you need to. So let’s embrace these new employees for your market.

Working Longer May Keep Us Happier 

As we live longer, the traditional model for retirement really doesn’t make sense. We should embrace the idea of unretirement. Age has value if the aged are willing to learn and adapt. When I think back to my grandmother, who was born in 1914 and died in 2014, I am amazed at how much change she experienced. But in the end, she managed to evolve and adapt. If she could do it, why can’t we? 

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