The Smartest Tech for Small Businesses

As small business owners, rarely do we have time to invest in researching new technologies. There are a lot of different kinds of technology out there to be aware of, and there are a number of things to be afraid of, too, when it comes to cybersecurity. In this post, we hope to help cut through the clutter and share with you the best, new smart tech that can save you money, boost sales, and improve service.

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Smart Tech for Security

A smart security system can reduce your insurance premiums and help reduce theft or shrinkage, which is a major concern for many small businesses. 

Stopping Unauthorized Entry

SimpliSafe and Abode offer very affordable options that cover the basics, doors, windows, motion detectors, etc.  They provide instant alerts to your smartphone and can be integrated with local police.  

A smart lock can help you limit unauthorized access, especially if you have multiple people coming in and out. These systems only provide access when authorized and track entry and exit.  They can be activated by individual codes, cards, or keyless access. “Kwikset Kevo and Schlage Sense are two robust options.”

An example of Smart Tech, a Nest Camera

Reducing Risk 

Many smart tech devices can also protect from damage due to fire, leakage, and other costly accidental damage. They are easily integrable with your smartphone and local emergency departments such as fire, etc. 

Reduce Theft 

A new brand, Kogniz, offers facial recognition software which can help monitor employees and help identify shoplifters and other shady behavior and unsavory clientele. 

Smart Tech for Saving Money

Utility use is not a major driver for most businesses. But if you can save a few dollars here by cutting unnecessary costs, it can add up. 

Smart Thermostat 

A smart thermostat can help cut your energy costs.  You can have it learn your hours of operation and integrate motion sensors to adjust in-real-time to changes in the number of people in the space. 

Smart Lighting 

As with a smart thermostat, smart lighting can also reduce costs. A complete system of LED, sensors, and remote access can really improve both the efficiency of your workplace. This is especially important if you have flexible work hours or less or more access to natural lighting.  Phillips offers a great package, as does Lutron, Wiz, and others. 

Smart Tech in lighting is a major game changer

Smart Tech for Improving Service

There are two new ways that tech has really improved customer service.  These are digital assistants and chatbots, two A.I. based services

AI and Lending

Digital assistants 

The most useful role for digital assistants is to provide a more seamless way to schedule meetings, link e-mails, track calls, ensure follow-up, and make sure data are easily accessible.  They can also serve as a hub for all your smart devices.  The one risk is to read the fine print.  Some tech devices are nosier than you think.  You don’t want them eavesdropping on your conversations.


When used properly, chatbots can be very effective and not off-putting. We all have had bad experiences with poorly executed chatbots.  While many will say chatbots can perform functions humans can, the truth is right now, they can’t.  Don’t waste your time trying.  These are best used when there are simple FAQs that help get people to the right information quickly. 

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