The Perils and Perks of the Gig Economy: A Webinar

We wanted to start posting the first of our Small Business Bootcamp webinars with you. Today, let’s share our second webinar, about how to navigate the gig economy. From archaic laws to strange situations to modern issues in the political sector, there is a lot to discuss. Feel free to watch our video now, it may save your business a lot of struggle down the line.

The Small Business Bootcamp is a LinkedIn group and weekly newsletter that provides information on how to provide for your small business. We discuss everything from marketing to employment to getting loans and more. Once a month we provide a webinar that outlines a content stream that we then talk about for the rest of the month.

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In October, we made our second video about the gig economy and the pitfalls that occur in it. It is based in part on our article “We Use Gig Workers. Why You Should Too.” That post was far more about our experience. This video, however, gets into the history of the gig economy and why it is unsustainable in 2019. In other words, a lot has changed in the gig economy, and it is important to know more about it.

Here are some of the points of advice that we mention in the video:

  1. Know the history of the gig economy. It goes back so far and it still has problems. Our jobs system is still screwed up since the New Deal
  2. The current system is changing, as evidenced by the recent deal with Uber from earlier this year in California. That was a major change in policy, and it isn’t the end
  3. More than anything else, stay aware of what you’re asking of our employees. Know the difference between contract work and employee work.

All of these details and more are in the video. We also provide some examples that might be important for you to know about. If you want to know even more, feel free to contact us!

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Join us, won’t you?

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