Yahoo Small Business Maker Pros & Cons

We’ve gone through Amazon and Google and other tech companies before when it comes to small businesses. Now, let’s think about Yahoo. They have tried to move beyond email address/email accounts, and this was their latest effort to remain relevant.

Yahoo Small Business

In October 2019, Yahoo Small Business launched its Business Maker. It’s a “a new platform to help small businesses and aspiring business owners start, run, and grow their own business.” So, we thought we’d give it a try, and directionally compare it to other service providers. What we found was surprising.

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What It Claims

Yahoo Small Business Maker does provide a selection of tailored services that help you manage your small business plans, legal needs, online hosting, local search, and point of sale (as in credit card and merchant services).

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How It Stacks Up

Like we said in the video, it appears to be a good deal. While it’s impossible to tell if each of the individual services offered by Yahoo will be equivalent to the services provided by the other services we reviewed, it wins from a convenience standpoint.

The interface is great. The unified dashboard is definite plus. If you are an experienced businessperson, Yahoo Business Maker’s guided tracks and to-do lists a bit annoying. But for someone starting out, they are a great resource.

Retail Solution Seemed Great, but We Couldn’t Review It

Thumbs Up

We aren’t a traditional brick-and-mortar business, so we weren’t able to review the POS system and solutions of Yahoo Business Maker. Like the rest of the platform, it’s seems user friendly. However, as to ease of use, functionality, etc., we can only go on what they claim. 

This easy-to-use system will help storeowners automatically track sales and inventory from a searchable, user-friendly app. The Yahoo Small Business Mobile Point of Sale system [credit card processing] combines a backoffice where owners can control inventory, sales, and returns, and a payment processing function using PayPal Here card readers for in-person purchases.

Yahoo! Press Release (10/19)


Thumbs DownIf you are starting a business, you should consider Yahoo Business Maker. But, you could probably get as much information for free. As an existing business, if you have your business plan complete, all your legal paperwork in place, etc., its value is a bit diminished.

For us, it only made sense to use the Local Search tool. Unfortunately, that tool was about as expensive as the monthly rate for the full plan, and about the same price as a more well-established brand. Therefore, we chose not to use it, as we already have a local provider, and we didn’t see much added value in either local search or social media. 

We developed an infographic that outlines the basic steps involved in starting a business. It provides a high-level overview of what we believe is important when thinking about starting a business.

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