Are Yelp Ads a Gimmick or a Legit Opportunity

Yelp remains one of the top review sites for local businesses. As we said in our early post, Google My Business review seems to have more impact than Yelp review. According to the “The Daily Beast”, Yelp claims its new ad products can increase potential customer engagement by 38%. While that sounds impressive, what does it really mean? 

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The Upgrade & Claim

Yelp has rolled our several new ad products, which allow small business owners more control over their ads. As a result, Yelp used the data from thousands of businesses across the country to develop new tools to help advertisers. Yelp claims these new tools can increase engagement by up to 38%, and they are offering us $300 in ads to try it out.

What Does It Mean?

In reality, it doesn’t mean much. First, it up to 38%. That doesn’t mean, you’re guaranteed an increase in engagement of 38%. Second, engagement is a step removed from purchasing. These newly engaged customers need to convert. If you’re Yelp ads convert at 2-3%, then that increase of 38% translates into an 8-10% increase in sales. Nothing to sneeze at, but it needs to be put into perspective.

The Bottom Line of Yelp Ads

If you advertise on Yelp, it will likely help you get better results. You probably will not get game-changing results, but it would make sense to use that $300 to see what type of results you can expect. If you don’t advertise on Yelp, I wouldn’t use these results as part of your analysis of whether you should. If you do, this might change how you turn to Yelp for your ads.

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