YouTube, Streaming, and COVID-19: What to Know

COVID-19 and work from home life have turned many people into homebodies. And that has led, naturally to a massive jump in streaming. YouTube has become a major area where businesspeople and content makers can put their work out to a massive audience, even with the fears of COVID. We have been putting out webinars for several months now, and you might benefit from this format as well. 

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Google’s Advice about YouTube and COVID Social Distancing

Google has been tracking trends of what kinds of videos people have been streaming amid Coronavirus chaos. Here are the five categories that they have seen massive jumps in. If you’re in these markets or are looking to get YouTube views, look for these areas in order to really succeed. 

1.  Work-from home essentials

With so many people setting their own hours and working from homes, a lot of flexibility is needed for everyone. Some people are work-from-home pros, but there are a lot of people who are completely out of their element right now. Whether you’re working from home regularly or just because of COVID, you can benefit on some YouTube videos about good behaviors for it.

2.  Study tips

This is much more for students than for people in the workforce, but there are ways we can adapt these ideas ourselves. If you’re missing the sounds of office chatter and keyboards typing, you might want some white noise kinds of videos. And more than that, everyone can benefit from some tips on how to work with co-workers over Zoom and the like. There is an etiquette to this kind of behavior.

3.  Pantry meals

For our food industry friends, this might be a great field to make content in. With people wary of grocery stores out of caution of Coronavirus, a lot of home-cooks are turning to YouTube videos from places like Bon Appetit and Food Network and more to learn how to make the most of what is in their own home. Chefs and restauranteurs could really find a niche making content in this community.

4. Stress reduction

Suffice to say, people are stressed out right now. And having Coronavirus stress on top of small business stress surely has a lot of people streaming meditation videos right now… including myself! Coping with stress is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be the end of anything. Friends of ours who work in Yoga and Spa businesses might be in the easiest position to make content like this on YouTube during the Coronavirus.

5.  In-home fitness

Without gyms to go to, a lot of people are turning to videos on YouTube to work out. If you’re a gym owner, you might want to get in on this while you can. However, just be aware that there are thousands of competitors out there to contend with. 

The Downside of Streaming During Coronavirus

One of the consequences of streaming media during COVID-19 is something no one predicted. There are so many people streaming all the time that Netflix and YouTube have both switched to standard definition. With so many millions of people currently at home with nothing better to do than watch a movie or browse YouTube, computers are getting stressed. If you are a content maker or even just someone browsing videos, keep this in mind. YouTube is making standard definition the default, but don’t stress the system if you don’t need to. You can survive without HD. 

In Summary…

Now is the perfect time to turn to YouTube. Whether to make content, to learn a new skill, or to distract yourself you can go online. And as more people stream, the bigger the stress on the system. If you can, contribute one-of-a-kind videos that are from your unique perspective. And if you’re feeling stressed, look for something that can help you! With over a billion videos, you’ll probably find something to help you out. Maybe even a webinar from people in your small business community  (like us!).

At ProStrategix, we know you have concerns.  We’re designed to help give you the business support you need so you can focus on doing what you love.  If you would like to learn about how we might be able to help you, please contact us.

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