When to Reopen Your Small Business

State limits have started to change regarding when and how businesses can reopen as this crisis changes and continues to impact everyone. Some businesses are going to want to open sooner, and others are going to hold off until they feel like it is a physically safer time. If you’re thinking about when to reopen your small business, follow our advice for the safest and smartest tips on getting back to “normal.”

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When Is the Right Time to Reopen Your Small Business?

Already, many states have started to plan on reopening all sorts of small businesses. Whether you’re skeptical or hopeful for the future of your business, things are precarious right now. recent article from Time discussed the worry that many people are facing. Is it safe to reopen, even if the governor says it is?  

 Here are our biggest tips on when to consider reopening your small business.

1.  Listen to your state’s government 

This is obviously important, because you need to be sure that you have the legal ability to open your small business. But even more than that, you’ll probably learn their tips for businesses that reopen to follow. Whatever comes next will affect your entire state.

2.  Listen to medical advisors

Whether Dr. Anthony Fauci or some other sources of medical knowledge, be sure to know what the doctors say. If you work as a barber or something that involves close and personal contact with clients, you’ll probably not be able to maintain the proper social distancing guidelines. So, keep that in mind when it comes to your small business’s status to reopen. 

3. Will you have customers?

This might not be an easy question to answer. But if you can get in touch with some of your usual clientele, you’ll know if people will come back. There is no successful business without customers, so see if you can reach out on social media or through mailing lists. 

4.  What about your staff?

If you want to reopen your small business, you’ll presumably need a staff. Do you have the money to pay them, with or without business as usual? Will they come back? Questions like this will be key to answer before you open your business’s doors once again.  

5. Do you feel you need to?

Assuming the above three all hold true, the next most important thing to wonder is if it is the right time to open. Are you financially positioned to safely reopen your small business? And more importantly, are you safely able to not? Business is going to be odd for some time to come, make sure that you’re in the right position. 

When Will It Be Safest?

This is a hard question to answer. Maybe soon! Maybe not.

But if you listen to the government, the medical professionals, your customers, and your gut you will find a time that you can safely reopen your small business without stress. But for now, consider that it might be better being safe than sorry.

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