About the Safety of Small Businesses Amid Protests

Right now, America is facing a number of different issues. COVID is one, but the recent amount of unrest and protesting amid the deaths of Black Americans at the hands of police officers resulted in many issues. Rioting that has gone along with the protests in a few cities – including New York City – resulted in damage to the small business community. While this is only one issue of many across the country at the moment, it is something we figured we would talk through.  

Please note: This article is going to be only about the impact of the protests and rioting on small businesses. If you are looking for more information beyond the scope of this, please look elsewhere. We will try to keep as impartial as possible.

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What to Do if You Need to Close Your Business

Some essential businesses in cities that are still mostly closed and some small businesses in cities re-opening are finding themselves needing to once again shutter their doors due to protests. In high risk areas, they might need to keep their doors closed at certain hours. This is happening across the country to businesses as large as Target and as small as your local pizza place. There are also traffic concerns to keep in mind.  

Similarly, curfews in cities have resulted in businesses needing to close their doors. These can happen suddenly, as in Los Angeles. But if this is happening in your area, keep in mind that small business may also be required to close as a result of the protestsThankfully, we as a society have a lot of recent experiences with closing our doors for a time. And we at ProStrategix have advice, as well.

What to Do if Your Business Faced Damage

Small businesses across the country have been damaged due to rioting that occurs, though often unassociated with the protests. With police occupying themselves with lesser matters, businesses that face looting might be forced to fight for themselves. This USA Today article details some of the smalbusinesses in Minneapolis that have faced the bulk of the riots that have associated themselves with protests.  

The good news is, that most businesses will be covered for insurance purposes. This is, of course, up to the amount of payment that goes into an insurance plan as is true of everything. Check with your insurance policy holder. And know that many of your small business customers will do what they can to help you. Especially if you are attending to the needs of your customers. 

Anything Else?

Without taking a political stance, we will refrain from advising anything more. But know how to help your business neighbors, in this and every issue. Be safe and keep your fellow Americans that need protection in mind.  Your small business might be affected by recent protests. But remember why the protests are happening, and find out if your small business can affect others as well

Remember: Property can be replaced, but lives cannot. Protect yourself and others.

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