How We Price Our Services

Strategy Should Come First

We divide or Marketing Services into Strategy and Implementation. For the best results in implementation, we highly recommend completing the strategy process first.

We believe so strongly that this process will yield better results for you that we offer a guarantee. If we cannot find a better target or a better message, the work is free. If we do, then our fee is due.

How the Strategy Guarantee Works

We would complete either the Brand Strategy or the Brand Messaging portion of our project based on where we think we have the best opportunity to add value.

We go through the process and test your initial control vs. our improvements in either Facebook or Google Ads. If we see a statistically significant increase vs. control, then our fee is due. If we do not, that work is free of charge.
Reminder not to exclude results from your small business marketing plan.

Strategy Pricing

Since the strategy work is highly dependent on the business complexity, market complexity, and target size, the fee is determined on a case by case basis. Projects start at $2500 for simple businesses. We offer volume discounts so the more work you do with us, the lower the cost will be vs. our list pricing. Typical projects range between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on complexity and amount of work needed.

Most businesses that complete the strategy process, see increases in effectiveness of 50-100%. Therefore, the project cost is easily recouped shortly after starting implementation.

If You Opt-out of Strategy Phase

We offer a number of implementation services that can meet your needs. If you complete the strategy phase, you qualify for a discount on those services if you execute them with us. If the strategy was designed by us, we believe that we should share some of the risk.

It's completely acceptable to opt-out if you believe that your strategy is solid. We would be more than happy to help you implement it. We simply cannot offer the strategy discounts if we have not validated it.
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Web Design

Our website design work is part of our SEO packages. We believe these go hand in hand. Page speed is a key element in page ranking. Therefore SEO can be sub-optimal on a non-custom build site.
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Search Engine Optimization

We offer 4 pricing tiers for our search engine optimization services, which range from start-up companies to competitive businesses. We provide full details of all the services provided under each plan

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Small Business SEO
How digital advertising can help my small business

PPC Advertising

We offer 4 pricing options based on your total advertising spend. We can support pay-per-click advertising across multiple platforms for small budgets, as well as, at the enterprise level. Full details provided.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools for all purchase involvement levels. We offer different levels of service to meet a wide range of needs. Full details of each pricing tier are provided.

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Email Marketing

We offer 4 pricing options to meet your specific email marketing needs. The campaign designs range from simple to complex. Full details are provided, which list the services for each pricing tier.

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Chatbots are quickly becoming a primary means of instantly communicating with your customers. Full details on the services provide for each of our pricing tiers are provided.

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