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 Our marketing services help your target customers see the value of what you have to offer and make your vision come to life. 

We are experts in marketing strategy and execution, with a specialty in social and digital media.

Marketing Strategy

How Would Having a Marketing Strategy Help Me?

A strategy is about making choices. By choosing one thing, you are eliminating another option. Marketing, at its core, is about changing behavior. A potential client is doing something today which you want to help them do differently tomorrow.

Like any strategy, a marketing strategy is about making choices. It focuses on three decisions that you will need to make: whom to target, what to say, and how best to get that message to the audience. It’s really that simple and that hard.  We offer an excellent course on marketing strategies if this is new to you.

Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy Second Image

How can a good marketing strategy help you?

The fact is, you are going to spend a significant amount of money on a marketing strategy You owe to yourself to have it right. Why? Changing behavior is hard. People need strong motivation to change, and the motivation needs to be consistent to ensure the change sticks.  In a nutshell, that’s what a good marketing strategy does. It helps you uncover the right motivation and delivers a consistent cadence of messaging to help enable to behavioral change you want.

We go into detail about creating a marketing strategy in our course. Not everyone needs or want a course.  If courses aren’t for you or if you have some experience in the areas, we developed three how-to guides you can use depending on your business. Just click on the one that’s right for you.

Marketing Strategy B2B Case Study
Marketing Case Study B2C Brick & Mortar Case Study

Once you have a strategy in place that works for you, the next step is determining how best to execute it.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Many small businesses focus on how to get customers using traditional analog methods – signs, coupons, foot-traffic, and the like. While this may yield a trickle of customers, there is a much better way. All small businesses, no matter how small or how new, should consider digital advertising/marketing. We have created a course that covers this topic in detail. We strongly believe that is it too great of any opportunity to miss:

How Can I Benefit from Digital Advertising?

The benefits of digital advertising and marketing are numerous. Leveraging digital marketing and advertising enables you to reach a broader audience in a targeted, measurable, and responsive way.

This graphic illustrates how digital marketing works and how it can benefit you. It covers the four basic elements of digital advertising: Search, Social, Mobile, and E-mail. It also shows how blogging, video, and Content Marketing are the fuel that powers them.

While they require a time commitment, they are the one area where a small business can compete at a much larger scale that other more traditional analog methods, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV.

Our Results:

2-5x ROAS

How Can I Get Started with Digital Advertising?

So, how can you start advertising and marketing online? Our course covers this in more detail. If you just need a couple of quick cheat sheets on what to do you, please feel free to use one of our how-to guides:

Facebook Advertising Case Study
Google Advertising Case Study
Instagram Advertising Guide

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

Didn’t know they were different? Weren’t sure why?

Don’t worry, these are easy to confuse. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEM is search engine marketing. They are fundamentally two different things. SEO focuses on organic traffic, while SEM focuses on the overall effect of both organic & paid traffic.

Because many perceive SEO as ‘free,’ everyone wants to develop that first. And, there’s the rub. It can help to think of these two things as part of a simplified metaphor:

 A-list celebrity and an aspiring actor both want to go to a posh Hollywood event. Who’s more likely to get a free ticket? Right, the A-list. That’s SEO. The more well-known you are, the more likely you’ll be on the guest list. The aspiring actor could still go to the same event, but he or she would have to pay. That’s SEM. He or she would have to compete with the others for a limited number of tickets. Our infographic goes into more detail on SEO, SEM, and pay per click (PPC). It explains what each of them is and how they work together. If you would like a copy, please click on the image to the right.

Successfully building, maintaining, and managing SEO and SEM can be done on your own. It just requires an investment in time. We go into each in a bit more detail in our course, but if you’d rather, you can download our SEM how-to guide by clicking on the image below, or you can get a free SEO page audit to get you started.

Search Engine Marketing Reference Guide

Social Media Marketing

How Can Social Media Marketing Work for Me?

Social media marketing is fundamentally different from digital advertising and is a key part of any comprehensive marketing strategy. We cover the benefits of social in our course on Social Media Marketing. Dr. Randy Hlavac offers an amazing course on Coursera, which covers the topic in great detail. Whether you want a key points overview in our course or want to delve into the topic depth with Profession Hlavac’s course, we encourage you to learn more about how social media marketing can help you.

What Benefits Would Social Media Give to Me?

Social media marketing is relatively inexpensive. It does take time, effort, and energy.  You can measure an ROI. It creates a positive feedback loop. The more followers you have, the more your message is heard, which can lead to more followers, and so on.

Content is king in social media marketing. That is the one drawback. You need to have an active content calendar, which needs to be executed consistently. If you dabble in social, it won’t work.

Social strategies should align with your business type. If your business is a low-involvement or impulse business, your approach should be different from a highly involved business. For example, the energy you expend deciding which cereal to buy is much less involved than which car you wish to drive.

Our Results vs. Industry Benchmarks:


What Right Social Strategy for Me?

For a low-impulse business, an engagement strategy is best. That means attempting to keep your brand in the mind of customers, keeping them coming back for more. For businesses with sales cycles, you can use social to help nurture those relationships. We discuss this in our course, and Dr. Hlavac’s course goes into this much greater detail.  If you are already a social whiz, these two how-to guides provide a quick summary of each and how to make them work.

Social Media Lead Generation Marketing Strategy Guide

E-mail Marketing

How Can E-mail Marketing Help Me?

We would be remiss if we did not cover the benefits of e-mail marketing as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

In a small business, every dollar counts. E-mail wins on efficiency. It’s an easy way to reach your customers, demonstrate your expertise, grow your customer base, and enhance your reputation.

Like social, content is king. Therefore, it has the same drawbacks. It’s cheap and easy to send e-mails, but delivering compelling and relevant content is not. Each e-mail is your calling card. Therefore you need to make each count.  You can tap into our quick digital marketing overview class for the 9 steps to write a great email