Social Media Infographic

Social media has irrevocably changed the way we market our products and services. It is like the way other media innovations revolutionized marketing in the past. It’s how radio created the soap opera. Yes, the soap opera, so named because it was created by P&G a soap company at the time. Then, TV displaced radio an ushered in the Mad Man age. Cable brought us the infomercial. Internet created SPAM and search. The moral of this history lesson is the interval between these major changes keeps shrinking. We’re now in an age where they only constant is change. We need to keep up or risk being obsoleted.

Social Media Marketing Infographic

How we interact with each other

Dr. Hlavac’s Social Media Pyramid is a great construct or model of how the conversations we have with each other and the tools or media we use to have them change with the depth of the conversation.

It’s fundamental that we know at what level our customer wants to communicate with us at each stage of the customer journey. We are not likely to be successful if we engage with them in a way or at a time they aren’t expecting.

That’s why it’s so important that your social strategy matches the right level of purchase involvement. A customer’s expectation of involvement with a candy bar company is very different than with a car company. Where are you on that continuum?

Knowing where you are on the continuum of purchase involvement will drive your choice of social marketing strategy. If that involvement is low, then staying top of mind through engaging with them often but at a superficial level is likely best. If the involvement is high, the customer may give you permission to go deeper