ProStrategix Case Studies

Accounting Services Case Study

They are located in a major city. They have 2 principals who run the business. 2 certified public accounts (CPAs), other than the principals. The remainder of the staff consists of 5 junior accountants and 10 bookkeepers. They have been in business for over 5 years. They have tried to differentiate their services from other firms, but have been challenged to make it work. Here’s how a marketing strategy could help them.

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Coffee Shop Case Study

the company is a coffee shop in a trendy part of town. This coffee shop was designed by a local architect, who is a friend of the owner. It is a very unique space, with a strong local flavor. They offer a wide variety of sustainably grown coffees from around the world. They also hold weekly evening events, where neighborhood artists have a chance to share their work and tell their stories. Their challenge is they are a bit off the beaten track, so foot-traffic is limited.

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Handmade Goods Case Study

The company, in this example, sells a line of custom handmade goods from different parts of the globe. Each has a special story about the culture from which it was made. The brand is known for its limited-edition runs and its excellent quality of goods. Since they are all imported, and hand-crafted, they tend to be 20-25% more expensive than regularly priced items in the same category. Consumers can choose free-shipping if they are willing to have the item shipped by regular mail.

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