All Marketing is Local

Targeted, personalized marketing is now the norm. Long gone are the days of "Hi {First Name}". As machine learning has become smarter and consumers more educated, marketers can no longer "fake it, until you make it", and neither can businesses.

It is true that many of these marketing vehicles have been used to target and spread misinformation. However, these marketing channels can no longer deny the damage this can cause. If these actors cannot police themselves, a crackdown will come.

After watching digital advertising over the past 20 years, one would be forgiven if they didn't realize that there is actually a Federal statute that governs this commercial speech:

Under the law, claims in advertisements must be truthful, cannot be deceptive or unfair, and must be evidence-based. For some specialized products or services, additional rules may apply. (FTC)

Scroll through your feed on any platform on any given day, and ask yourself is this rule being followed? The answer is clearly no. That's a shame. It gives all advertisers a bad name. When there is no one enforcing a standard of proof, everything is suspect. Earning and keeping consumer trust is becoming more challenging.

This is why being authentic really matters. Fooling your customers is not a great long-term strategy. Those who do find that their brand becomes toxic. It's not worth it in the long run. A local marketing agency can help solidify your authenticity within your market. They know the nuances and subtleties that can signal to your audience that you are trustworthy.

How We Tailor Our Service to Fit the Markets We Serve

Manhattan Local MarketingManhattan

Local marketing in Manhattan can only really be successful by focusing on each neighborhood as its own entity. Manhattan is one of the most competitive local markets in the world. To stand out amongst all the noise is a daunting challenge. Focusing on each neighborhood as its own segment makes the challenge more manageable.

Brooklyn Local MarketingBrooklyn

Brooklyn is clearly a mosaic of different neighborhoods, cultures, and creeds. 4 out of every 10 Brooklynites are foreign born. It is really amazing when you think about it. So many cultures that are stitched together to form a fabric that is vibrant and growing. So much of Brooklyn has gentrified.  it feels like it has been in a state of flux forever

Queens Local MarketingQueens

It’s tough to describe all of Queens as if it were one unit. However, it is fair to say that Queens tends to get the short stick. Manhattan looks at Queens as a bit of backwater. Brooklyn thinks it's cooler. But, there are 91 unique and distinct neighborhoods that 2 million New Yorkers call home. That diverse mix of cultures and people makes marketing in Queens unique.

the Bronx Local MarketingThe Bronx

If Queens tends to get the short stick, it is fair to say that the Bronx is often discarded. This is a mistake. The Bronx is home to variety of thriving businesses. While hit hard my the pandemic, the region is expected to bounce back as it has in the past. The neighborhoods in the borough vary significantly in demographics making it a unique challenge for businesses serving the community

Pittsburgh Local MarketingPittsburgh

At first blush, it may seem strange to see Pittsburgh as a market served by a full service digital marketing firm based in New York City. However, Pittsburgh is where our founder grew up. In Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, roots go deep. Wherever a Pittsburgh transplant lives, Pittsburgh is the place they usually mean when they say “I’m going home”.

Philadelphia Local MarketingPhiladelphia

Philadelphia is an amazing city that often gets overshadowed by its noisy neighbors to the north (New York City) and the south (Washington DC). With New York City and Washington taking up the oxygen, Philly can get overlooked. That's a shame because Philadelphia has so much to offer. Its size and diversity provide a set of unique challenges.

Upstate New York Local MarketingUpstate New York

The four major upstate metro areas: Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse do not get as much attention as their downstate neighbor. NYC tends to get the most focus, but each of these regions is unique. Each city has its own culture, economic base, and economic challenges. But, each offers great opportunities for businesses to stand out.

New Jersey Local MarketingNew Jersey

New Jersey, long the butt of many jokes. However, it is much more than just the "suburbs" of the two major metropolitan areas that cover the state: Philadelphia and NYC. New Jersey has its own distinct major business hubs like Newark and Jersey City, but it also is home to a myriad of unique towns and smaller cities like Morristown, Montclair, & Princeton.