How To Digitally Advertise My Business

Start with a Great Marketing Strategy

To get the best results, it pays to have a clearly defined target(s). The beauty of digital advertising is the ability to target so precisely. You don't have to waste ad-spending money reaching people who aren't as interested. The flipside is also true. You need to make sure each ad is tailored specifically for that audience. This means you may have more than just one ad, but each will be more effective because it is more relevant.

Followed by a Clear Brand Message

Building on this, the second step is to have a clear brand message. Since each target will be more well defined, each brand message will need to be written specifically for them so you get the maximum benefit. It's important to know:

First, what motivates each target.

Next, how your brand unique solves that need.

Finally, why your targets should believe you.

Reach Your Target Where the Are

The next step is to have a digital strategy that is designed to match the habits and practices of your target at all stages of the purchase journey. You may use social media advertising to build awareness among an audience who has expressed an interest in topics relevant to your brand. Paid search may be useful for those potential customers who are actively searching to find a specific solution to a problem that your brand solves. Each can play a role and builds on the other. That's why having a comprehensive digital strategy is so important if you want to get the most from your digital spending.

Capture it All in a Marketing Plan

Why is a marketing plan important if you have all the components already? A plan helps you manage and monitor your progress versus set marketing and business goals. It acts like a scorecard. It can help let you know if you are progressing as hoped. If not, you can correct what's not working, and/or you can put more resources behind what is working. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day aspects of a campaign. A plan grounds you and can give you perspective. But, for it to work, the marketing plan has to be a living document. It's not worth the effort if it's put on a shelf. It needs to be reviews minimally every quarter.

Ready to Get Started?

ProStrategix Process

We have a standard process that we like to use with all clients, which has three main steps. First, we recommend validating the marketing strategy or building one if it doesn't exist. Second, we recommend validating the brand messages. Finally, we would build the PPC plan or execute an existing one.

Validate the Marketing Strategy

If you work with ProStrategix, we like to start by validating the marketing strategy, even if you have an existing one. Why? It's that important. If the marketing strategy is off, the rest of the marketing will not be as effective as it can be. What's different with us is that you only pay for this step if we prove we can deliver a better strategy. We share that risk with you.

Validate the Brand Message(s)

As above, we like to test our brand messages before we kickoff a campaign. For all the same reasons as above, a sub-optimal message yields sub-optimal results. If you have a message that works, then you'll be great. We'd only complete this step if we believe we can find a better one. As above, you would only pay for this step if we prove our impact.

Execute the PPC plan

If you are happy with your strategy, brand message, and keyword list, then we can skip the steps above and execute any plan you wish across paid search and social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). We just can't guarantee that they results will be as good as if you completed the first two steps.