Our Process

Our process is fairly straightforward. We start with a free initial consultation where we meet to discuss you needs, goals, and issues. Then the process splits based on whether you chose to opt-in or opt-out of our strategy process. Both scenarios are mapped out below.

Strategy Opt-in

This is our preferred and recommended option

ProStrategix Strategy Guarantee

If you chose our recommended option, we offer the following guarantee. If our strategy does not provide a superior Brand Strategy or Brand Message, the strategy work is free. We believe so strongly in our ability to find a better target or message, that we are willing to take on that risk. You shouldn't have to pay for a strategy that is proven to be better than what you have currently. If we do, then the benefit is clear, and payment will be due.

In addition to the guarantee, we offer discounts of implementation packages if you do both the strategy and implementation work with us. We know you will get better results, and we'd love to be there when you do.

You can always opt-out of the strategy process. It's generally not recommended, but if you are time constrained or if you are an existing business with a provide strategy, we always happy to help. There are no discounts if you opt-out.

Strategy Opt-out

We are equally willing to help if you choose to opt-out. For established businesses with a proven track record, this may be good option for you.

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