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Our Story

We started Prostrategix as an un-retirement plan for our principal leaders. We felt that allowing a lifetime’s worth of business experience to go to pasture would be a terrible mistake. Instead, we decided to take that senior level of experience and bring it to where it mattered most—small businesses...

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A Strategic Approach

A strategy is about making choices. By choosing one option, you are eliminating another. Marketing, at its core, is about changing behavior. A good marketing strategy focuses on three decisions that you will need to make: who to target, what to say, and how best to get that message to the audience. It’s that simple... and that hard.

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Experience Matters

We’ve been in your shoes. After 25 years that Brian Cairns has been in business, we’ve either lived through what you're facing or we've helped someone like you. But, we’re not stuck in the past, giving yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems. We're designed to address the change media landscape. We blend experienced senior and fresh talent, so you get the benefit of experience leveraged through today’s technology and platforms. Located right in the heart of Manhattan.

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Your Best Interests At Heart

We take pride in what we do. We believe that the better your business is, the better our digital marketing agency will be. Your success is our number one priority, because if you’re succeeding then we've been successful. That’s why you pay only after our strategy demonstrates results. We need to believe in our ability to help you, or we won’t take the business on. In the end, we both win. There may be cheaper alternatives, but with ProStrategix you’ll know you’ll get a return on the investment.

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Our Process

Every business needs a marketing strategy regardless of size. The methodology is the same whether you are a corner mom and pop store, or a mega Fortune 500 company. You are still marketing to people. Human psychology is the same. The only real difference is the amount of data that is available to you and the resources you have to analyze it.

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