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Our goal is to help small businesses grow, develop, and maintain financial health. Our financial services focus on providing you the information that you need to help you make informed choices that increase the likelihood of obtaining the funds you need. We are not a broker. We do not provide funding. Instead, we are a guide who has navigated these waters successfully. We provide our guidance so you can do the same.


You probably started your business to follow a passion, not because you’re a marketing whiz. Our marketing services help your target customers see the value of what you have to offer and make your vision come to life. We have over 25 years of experience in marketing at major companies such as P&G, J&J, and others. We are experts in marketing strategy and execution, with a specialty in social and digital media.

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Business Development

Running a business isn’t easy. No one person has all mix of skills needed to get it done. That’s where we can help. We bring senior leadership and experience to where it is most needed. We can help you start your business right. We can help you get it to grow. If you are struggling, we can help you course correct. And, if you are growing, we can help you expand smartly. Your passion is your business. Our passion is business.

Get Results. Not Plans.

Hiring an agency requires a leap of faith. ProStrategix makes that leap easier. We set the goals together. When we meet them, we get paid. It’s that simple.

We started Prostrategix as an un-retirement plan for our principal leaders. We felt that allowing a life-time’s worth of business experience to go to pasture would be a terrible mistake.

Instead, we decided to take that senior level of experience and bring it to where it mattered most, to small businesses. 

We encourage you to learn more about us. When you do, we hope you consider joining us to build something new, something novel, something great.