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Why we became a local marketing agency

We started ProStrategix as an un-retirement plan for our principal leaders. We felt that allowing a lifetime’s worth of business experience to go to pasture would be a terrible mistake. Instead, we decided to take that senior level of experience and bring it to where it mattered most - to our local businesses, both small and mid-sized.

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Why our Digital Marketing is Different from Other NYC agencies

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A Strategic Focus

A strategic focus means being crystal clear on where you want to compete and why you believe you can win. This is important because where you decide to compete will define your ideal customer, and why you believe you can win will frame your message to them. We call the first, Brand Strategy, and the second Brand Message. 

A good marketing strategy focuses on three decisions that you will need to make. The first two are the brand strategy and message. The final decision regards how best to get that message to them using the digital platforms they prefer. We call this final step, Digital Strategy. When you combine all three, you have a complete long term marketing strategy.

This is not a simple task, but it is a critical one if you want to succeed. We believe that all online marketing agencies should take this approach, but many do not. However, we believe so strongly in this that we offer the ProStrategix strategy guarantee.

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Experience Matters When Choosing a Local Marketing Agency

We’ve been in your shoes. After 25 years that Brian Cairns has been in business, we’ve worked in a wide variety of industries providing effective marketing solutions. But we’re not stuck in the past giving yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems we're designed to address the changing digital marketing landscape we blend experienced senior and fresh talent so your small business benefits from our strategic experience leveraged through today’s technology and platforms located right here in NYC

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Digital Marketing Agency Working for Local Businesses in NYC & Beyond

We take pride in what we do. We believe that the better your business is the better our New York digital marketing agency will be.  Your local business success is our number one priority because if you’re succeeding then we've been successful. We are an agency specializing in small and local businesses.

There may be cheaper alternatives, but with ProStrategix, you’ll know you’ll get a return on your digital marketing campaigns.

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Our Process

Every small business needs a marketing strategy regardless of size. The methodology is the same whether you are a corner mom and pop store, or a mega Fortune 500 company. You are still marketing to people. Human psychology is the same. The only real difference is the amount of data that is available to you and the resources you have to analyze and to implement it.

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What is a digital marketing agency’s role in a local business?

Digital marketing and small business, are they a good match? Absolutely. Before the advent of digital marketing, small business was almost shut out of any of the mass media platforms due to cost. Only local newspapers and maybe radio would have been in reach.

With the advent of digital marketing for small business, now, they can have the same access to the audience that big business does. While access is awesome, you also have to compete for their attention, which is a key challenge of digital marketing for small business owners.

Digital marketing small business solutions exist. Owners just need to know which digital solutions are right for them. A local digital market agency is usually best suited to help you understand small business online marketing and how that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges.
Local marketing agencies can help in two main ways. First, they tend to be smaller, so their top talent is more likely to be working on your business. A small company in a large online marketing agency can easily get lost. 

The second reason is local knowledge. Since local businesses tend to market locally, having digital content creation managed locally, you are likely to appear more authentic and real. This is why we are a digital marketing agency that services NYC, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Our team has roots in each, and therefore, can generate content that understands the local environment.

Why digital marketing is important for small business?

The importance of internet marketing for small businesses builds on the final step of the previous FAQ, the marketing campaign. The main reason why small businesses need digital marketing is cost and access.

Access to the broader marketplace using traditional methods is usually cost-prohibitive for many. Plus, there is no way to objectively measure the impact.

One of the benefits of digital marketing for small businesses is the ease of access to the market. While it’s not costly to enter, it can be challenging to be heard. If you have a well-defined target and a compelling message, your chances greatly increase.

One of the other benefits of online marketing for small businesses is the ability to directly measure results. In many cases, results can be directly attributed to purchase or buying signals. In others, you can objectively measure your results versus benchmarks.

These are two of several reasons why small businesses need digital marketing and why digital marketing is important. Many turn to a small business digital marketing agency for help.

How to market my small business online?

We get this question often. Or, it’s often asked more specifically: how to market a small business on social media?

The answer is the same for both. It depends on your target, their media consumption, and their interests. This emphasizes the point that without a good understanding of the target, any marketing effort will be sub-optimal.

Therefore, you would follow the same steps as outlined in our process. It doesn’t matter how you plan to market until the last step.

The last step will differ in that we are choosing to launch our marketing campaign online. The digital marketing channels of choice are a function of purchase involvement. Purchase involvement is a measure of how much effort your customer puts into deciding to purchase your product or service. An example of a low involvement purchase is a candy bar. It does not require much effort.. The opposite is true for a house.

Different digital marketing services do better for certain levels of purchase involvement. You need to find the right mix. Social can be great for low involvement, less so, for high where SEO services do better. This is where a small business internet marketing company comes in handy. They know the digital tools and can guide you.

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