Our Story

This is our story. Why We are Here. How We Got Here. Who We Are. We are mission-based company that believes in the marriage of proven old-school Brand Strategy with new-school Digital Marketing Execution. This marriage is unique, and it provides us with best of both worlds. We have both experienced marketer and experience digital experts. That's a tough combination to match.

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Small Business Marketing Plan

Our Mission

We exist to help small businesses in the NYC metro area market their business. Our marketing firm that provides proven strategies that get results– all so you can feel confident that your money is well spent. That’s because we have an expert-level team, who has done it before. ProStrategix is where small businesses can find practical advice to make their marketing efforts more effective.

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Be Part of Something Great

We started Prostrategix as an un-retirement plan for our principal leaders. We felt that allowing a life-time’s worth of business experience to go to pasture would be a terrible mistake.

Instead, we decided to take that senior level of experience and bring it to where it mattered most, to small businesses. Big business readily has access to this talent. Small business does not. We thought this was a mistake and an ideal opportunity to make an impact.

We also pride ourselves on being a training ground or a career path for young talent and others who are often overlooked, but have a lot of passion and drive to succeed.

We bring all of this to you. We encourage you to become a part of our team. We hope you decide to become part of something new, something novel, something great.

Who We Are

We’ve been in your shoes. After 25 years in business, we’ve either lived through what you are facing or helped someone like you. But, we’re not stuck in the past, giving yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems. We designed around it. We blend experienced senior and fresh talent, so you get the benefit of experience leverage through today’s technology and platforms.

We take pride in what we do. We believe that the better your business is, the better our business will be. Your success is our number one priority because if you’re successful, we will be successful. That’s why you pay only after we demonstrate results. We need to believe in our ability to help you, or we won’t take the business on. In the end, we both win. We’re not cheap, but you’ll know you’ll get a return on the investment.

Our Team & Strategic Partners

ProStrategix Consulting Blends Experience with Fresh Thinking

Brian Cairns

Chief Executive Officer

Over 20 years of business experience in marketing at P&G, J&J, and Pfizer. Plus 8 years as a successful entrepreneur. Funding and selling one company before starting ProStrategix Consulting®. Brian leads our strategy projects, pulling in support from his large network of freelance support.

Shannon Olivares

Director of Operations

Shannon has been with ProStrategix from the onset. She helps with managing the day-to-day project executionacross our freelance and internal networks.

Liam Haber

Director of Content Development & Lead Generation

Joined ProStrategix in 2019. He lead our Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Lead Generation departments. Consistently delivering results that exceed industry benchmarks by 3 - 10 times, Liam is an integral part of the ProStrategix team.

Ambio Media

Full Service Media Agency Partner

Ambio Media has been our strategic partner since 2019 and in operations since 2018. Ambio manages our PPC, SEO, Web Design, E-mail, & Chatbot projects. Ambio has consistently delivered excellent results that exceed industry benchmarks by 4 - 10 times.

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