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What is the Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is what most people consider advertising or digital marketing. It is the copy that marketers broadcast to an audience through various channels. Generally speaking, outbound marketing hopes to drive awareness through the persuasiveness of the advertisement. It is intrusive by nature, meaning you see whether you want to or not.

Inbound marketing is a relatively new marketing concept which focuses on creating brand awareness and interest through offering quality, value-added content to your target. This content is delivered through channels, blog posts, social media, email marketing, etc., where your target must actively choose to interact with it or not.

Both approaches rely on a deep understanding of the target. Both require creativity and are not mutually exclusive. However, they are fundamentally different in the relationship between the customer and the company.

When to Use Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing?


When a purchase doesn’t require much thought before buying (think a candy bar), outbound marketing is much more effective. Few consumers will invest more time reading about a purchase than deciding on what to buy. Engaging social campaigns are the inbound marketing tactics that work best.

Medium Involvement

When a purchase requires more thinking before making a purchase, a mix of both outbound and inbound can be effective. When you’re considering which phone to buy or whether to upgrade, outbound marketing might spark the interest, while inbound marketing might help you decide which to ultimately buy.

High Involvement

When a purchase requires a great deal of thought, an inbound strategy rises in importance. These big decisions take time. People generally go through a longer decision-making process. When going through this process, content that helps educate them and simplifies it is viewed as much more valuable.

Why are Inbound Marketing Services Important?

Most successful marketing campaigns use a mix of inbound and outbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

  • Content driven
  • Middle-Bottom of Funnel
  • 2-way dialog
  • Personalized experience
  • Generally most useful in high involvement purchases.

Outbound Marketing

  • Ad driven
  • Top of Funnel
  • one-way dialog
  • Limited personalization
  • Generally most useful in low involvement purchases.

Outbound is helpful in driving awareness in all cases. Inbound for conversion.

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How to Set Up a Winning Inbound Marketing Campaign

Understanding Decision Process, “sales funnel”

While dated, the sales funnel is still useful in that it identifies the key stages a buyer completes.

  • Top (TOF): The customer has recently become aware of the brand
  • Middle (MOF): The customer is considering the brand vs. its competitors
  • Bottom (BOF): The customer is deciding between the final options

As we move through the funnel we go from generic messaging to more personalized, as questions move from generic to specific.

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Generating Awareness

Whether through search, content promotion, or social media, awareness building is still required for inbound marketing to work.

Demonstrating Value

Once a prospective lead hits your site, the content they access needs to provide immediate value. Enough value that they will exchange their contact information for access.

Lead Nurture

Once you have their information, the two way dialog begins. This is time to showcase your knowledge in a way that is seen as valuable and insightful.

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Things to Know About Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Inbound marketing can be relatively inexpensive if you develop your own content. It does take time, effort, and energy. However, it is relatively easy to measure a return on your investment. Content is the engine that drives inbound campaigns. This is a major disadvantage. You need to have an active content calendar, which requires consistent execution. If you dabble with inbound marketing, it will not be sufficient. It needs to be well maintained to be successful.

What ProStrategix Offers

ProStrategix has had success in building inbound marketing campaigns before, and we can do the same for you. Whether building an engagement campaign for a low involvement audience or running a lead nurturing campaign to build foster relationships at a higher, we’ve done it all. 

We will help you build inbound marketing, and we can work with you to build a schedule and drive the content that you need to put out in order to succeed.

We at ProStrategix know that your small business doesn’t want to take risks with your finances. The best way to ensure a strong return on your investment is to ensure you have the right target and messaging in place. This is why we strongly recommend starting with Brand Strategy first. 

If you feel that you have a great strategy in place, awesome! We will be happy to execute an inbound campaign based on it. 

Sample of Industries We Service

PPC for Accountants | ProStrategix

PPC advertising is a powerful tool to help grow your accounting practice. We explain how each part of PPC works and can help you.

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PPC for Restaurant Owners | ProStrategix

Pay per Click advertising is a powerful tool to help grow your restaurant. We explain how each step works and can help you.

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PPC for Doctors & Physician Practices | ProStrategix

Pay per Click advertising is a powerful tool to help grow your medical practice. We explain how each step works and can help you.

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PPC for Lawyers & Law Firms | ProStrategix

PPC advertising is a powerful tool to help grow your law firm or law practice. We explain how each part of PPC works and can help you.

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Inbound Marketing Pricing Table

Our content marketing services are equipped with the power you need to make your social media accounts shine while building your audience and growing your online presence.


For companies looking to start developing their social presence
  • Content Pillars & Mood Boards
  • Content creation - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn (excludes video production and custom photography)
  • 7 x posts/wk - 2 platforms
  • 6 month rolling content calendar Content scheduling updated weekly
    Monthly ReportingWeekly Summary Updates
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For businesses relying on their social presence to generate sales
  • Content Pillars & Mood Boards
  • Content creation - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn (excludes video production and custom photography)
  • 7 x posts/wk - 4 platforms
  • 9 month rolling content calendar  Content scheduling updated weekly
  • Monthly ReportingWeekly Summary Updates
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For medium-sized businesses ready to transform their social results
  • Content Pillars & Mood Boards
  • Content creation - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn (includes video production and custom photography)
  • 7 x posts/wk - 2 platforms
  • 12 month rolling content calendar  Content scheduling
    updated bi-weekly
    Weekly Reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

Because many perceive SEO as ‘free,’ everyone wants to develop that first. That can be a great strategy, but it does have limitations, especially for a small or new business. It can help to think of these two things as part of a simplified metaphor:

An A-list celebrity and an aspiring actor both want to go to a posh Hollywood event. Which one is more likely to be on the guest list? It is the A-list celebrity. This is a good metaphor for SEO, as Google has stated there is a brand bias. The more well-known you are, the more likely you’ll be on the guest list.

The aspiring actor could still go to the same event, but he or she would have to pay. That’s SEM. He or she would have to compete with the others for a limited number of tickets.

Why digital marketing is important for small business?

The importance of internet marketing for small businesses builds on the final step of the previous FAQ, the marketing campaign. The main reason why small businesses need digital marketing is cost and access.

Access to the broader marketplace using traditional methods is usually cost-prohibitive for many. Plus, there is no way to objectively measure the impact.

One of the benefits of digital marketing for small businesses is the ease of access to the market. While it’s not costly to enter, it can be challenging to be heard. If you have a well-defined target and a compelling message, your chances greatly increase.

One of the other benefits of online marketing for small businesses is the ability to directly measure results. In many cases, results can be directly attributed to purchase or buying signals. In others, you can objectively measure your results versus benchmarks.

These are two of several reasons why small businesses need digital marketing and why digital marketing is important. Many turn to a small business digital marketing agency for help.

How to market my small business online?

We get this question often. Or, it’s often asked more specifically: how to market a small business on social media?

The answer is the same for both. It depends on your target, their media consumption, and their interests. This emphasizes the point that without a good understanding of the target, any marketing effort will be sub-optimal.

Therefore, you would follow the same steps as outlined in our process. It doesn’t matter how you plan to market until the last step.

The last step will differ in that we are choosing to launch our marketing campaign online. The digital marketing channels of choice are a function of purchase involvement. Purchase involvement is a measure of how much effort your customer puts into deciding to purchase your product or service. An example of a low involvement purchase is a candy bar. It does not require much effort.. The opposite is true for a house.

Different digital marketing services do better for certain levels of purchase involvement. You need to find the right mix. Social can be great for low involvement, less so, for high where SEO services do better. This is where a small business internet marketing company comes in handy. They know the digital tools and can guide you.

How much traffic can the hosting handle?

Webflow hosting scales automatically to handle millions of concurrent visits. All site plans serve sites through our Amazon's Cloudfront CDN and accelerated using Fastly, loading sites in milliseconds.

We can I go for more information?

We would recommend visiting our blog for extensive information on specific topics. We also offer e-Books for specific services. Finally, if you are interested in a specific industry or location, please visit those pages.

How long does it take to see results?

Again, this depends on the services required, and the unique needs of your business. However, we can give you are few benchmarks. Developing a new marketing strategy typically takes about 6-8 weeks. SEO takes about 4 weeks to set up and 2-3 months to see measurable results. PPC takes 4 weeks to set up, but once set, we generally see immediate results. SMM has roughly the same timing as PPC. Email depends on the quality of your list. If the quality is good, we generally see immediate results after a 4 week setup process. If not good or needs to be built from scratch, this can take much longer. Bots take about 4 weeks to build and test. Results tend to be within a 1 week of launch.

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Our Services

We offer a range of services, all of which exist to help you smash your goals and stand out from the crowd.

Website Design

Our designs are built for speed and utilize design to enhance a clear message hierarchy so they are fast, responsive, and intuitive.


The goal of our SEO services is to help raise your visibility with search engines, so your pages get the credit they deserve.

PPC Advertising

Smart SEO can help you build your ranking over time, but expertise in PPC lets you jump to the head of the line.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has withstood the test of time for one simple reason. It works. To this day, no other marketing tactic has been shown to have a great return on investment


Natural language processing opens a whole new way to personalize your interactions with your customers. Our services range from simple text bots to voice search

Brand Development

While the tactics we use to reach our customers has been revolutionized, the fundamental principles of marketing have not simply because people have not. People are still driven by the same emotional and physical needs. The fundamental goal of marketing is to communicate how your product or service meets the needs of your customer in a way that your competitors do not.

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