Building Effective SEO Strategies in NYC

Everything we do starts with a clear marketing strategy. A clear understanding of your audience or target customer is needed to be successful in SEO, whether it’s in New York, Pittsburgh, or any other local city or town.

Perform a Full SEO Audit

First, you would look for on-page SEO performance, such as keyword rank, keyword density, relevance, and other similar metrics. Next, you would delve into the backlink profiles and their health. Lastly, you would explore titles, tags, sitemaps, schema, and other technical settings.

All together, this provides an SEO expert with a clear picture of what is working and what is not from an on-page, off-page, and technical SEO standpoint. 

The most consistent issue we see for many clients is page speed. If you are using an unoptimized WordPress theme, this may be an issue for you. You may want to consider a site upgrade BEFORE you optimize a slower site. Page speed can damage even the most optimized sites.

Competitive keyword analysis

Now that we know where the problems are, we want to correct them with the right solutions. At this stage, we recommend to our New York clients to take a stepwise approach to selecting our SEO keywords. First, we start with the broadest and continue to get more specific until we hit the right match or relevance and competitiveness. 

Create a Keyword Map

This is a document that maps each keyword or keyphrase group to a given web page. It’s a great practice to adopt as it will help you avoid keyword cannibalization. Keyword cannibalization is when two of your own pages are competing for the same keyword or phrase.

Competitive Content Audit

In this step of our local SEO service, we analyze the content of each of the top-ranking pages for each keyword group. This is a strong signal of what your audience considers valuable. It can also point out gaps you may have in your content that you may want to fix.

Competitive Backlink Audit

As with the content, we would look at the backlinks of each of the top-ranking pages to identify any gaps. 

Putting All Together 

Now that we have all the pieces. We would put all the changes in place. For on-page, we would rewrite the content so it focuses on keywords that are mapped to that page. We would also add any additional content to close any gaps uncovered in the content audit. 

It is much more challenging to fix off-page gaps. This generally requires a concerted link building effort. This can take time, money, and effort.

Finally, we would fix all the technical issues from the audit to ensure all the right things are in order. Then, you would be set to run your affordable local SEO campaign.