Why You Need a Marketing Agency For Your SEO

For smaller businesses, SEO is a great means of ranking higher on Google’s organic rankings. However, it does take a lot of time and effort

It starts with a solid marketing strategy, which has specific goals and targets that fit your business needs. Constructing a keyword strategy based on our target audience and key brand message helps you identify which are best suited for you.

Too often, people shoot for keywords they aren’t going to be able to achieve. The keyword that is suitable for you depends heavily on your Domain Authority.

Your Domain Authority (DA) is your relative clout online. It's a factor of website traffic, backlinks, and quality content that your audience wants to read. Website traffic can either be purchased or earned. When you're starting, it's likely to be a mix of both. Referral and social traffic help as well. Referral traffic comes from backlinks. Social comes for promoting content on your social media accounts.

Backlinks are links from other sites, preferably those with higher domain authority. It's an endorsement by proxy. Backlinks are valuable because the other site is sharing some of their DA with you. Because of their value, they can be difficult to obtain and require a significant amount of time and energy.

The final route is through quality content. Writing content that is optimized for search engines makes it easier for them to find your page.

A consistent and concerted effort on all of the above is required to enhance your visibility online. But, the results can be very beneficial, especially for local businesses when combined with other tools such as Google Maps and localized posts.

One of the most important things that a marketing agency can do for you is developing a solid marketing strategy with setting specific goals and targets that fit your business needs. Too often, people shoot for goals they aren’t going to be able to achieve. If you’re seeking the highest quantity search terms, you can’t start from the highest targeted terms. Instead, you need to build your domain authority over time.

All of this requires significant time and effort, which is why many small businesses chose to hire an outside firm.

What ProStrategix Has To Offer

SEO Services ProStrategix Offers

We can help you get a handle on your domain authority by finding inbound linking that can boost your profile, as well as by making the kinds of posts on your site’s blog that will help in the long run. This also involves finding the right keywords for you, something that can be difficult unless you know exactly which can reasonably achieve. Figuring is that out can be challenging and time consuming. 

Instead of spending your time writing blog posts and tracking the trends of Google searching, you likely want to focus on the needs of your own business. So leave the rest to us. We can help you with finding the right keywords. Write the content for those keywords. Optimize it for search engines, and track your performance.

At ProStrategix, we know that you can’t risk spending money without seeing any benefits. As a result, we want to offer you a chance to try our services and see if we can build you a better marketing strategy or marketing message. We know that our marketing strategies work, because they’ve worked for us. We encourage you to check out our Strategy Guarantee. The marketing strategy and message drive the keyword strategy. We are happy to build the strategy or use yours. That's completely up to. If you solely interested in SEO services only, please check out our pricing below: