June 14, 2021

6 Qualities to Look for in Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Are you considering hiring a digital marketing company for your next big campaign, but you're not sure if your top choices are qualified? Learn what's most important

In today's day and age, digital marketing can either make or break your business. For instance, B2C product companies spend more than half of their marketing budgets on social media.

This means that finding a company that is qualified and experienced is more important than ever. Read on to learn about the top six qualities you should look for in a digital marketing company!

1. Well-Designed Website

Your first judge of a digital marketing consulting company is by their website. You don't have to be a web designer in order to pick out a badly designed website from a good one.

Your first indication that the website is functioning correctly is quick loading times. According to Google PageSpeed Insights, you shouldn't be waiting more than three to five seconds for a page to load.  

The navigation of their website should also be easy to use. Are pages described clearly, and is it easy for you to find common pages such as their "about" and "service" sections?

Lastly, the website should be clean, engaging, and modern. You shouldn't be overwhelmed by the amount of information on each web page. Font sizes need to be easy to read, and the overall design of the website needs to be consistent.

2. Good Communication

Next, it's important the company you choose is able to consistently engage with customers in a positive way. You can get an idea of this through their website, where they should clearly describe their services as well as what it's like working with them. Next, when you reach out to them for the first time, consider the way they communicate with you.

Did they get back to you in a prompt and courteous manner? Were they able to answer any and all of your questions? If you didn't enjoy a certain aspect of their communication with you, this is probably what you should expect for the rest of the relationship if they're hired.

3. Results-Driven

Reviews and testimonials of a company are a good way to get a general idea of people's personal experiences. However, they may not be achieving the results that you're expecting, or they may be in a completely different industry. In order to get a better idea of a company's experience, make sure you're taking look at their case studies as well.

Companies that offer case studies are confident about their client's success. You'll be able to see the thought process behind their services and the success of their clients through numbers.

4. Multiple Services

Before you begin looking for a digital marketing company, it's important that you're aware of the services you want. However, choosing an independent contractor or small company that only specializes in a handful of services may hamper you in the future.

This is because as your business grows, you may be interested in branching out–such as utilizing search engine optimization to connect with your growing base of customers.

For this reason, try and find companies that offer a wider gamut of services. If you like them, they'll be able to grow with you as your business grows.

5. Providing Education

Does the company also provide a blog about resources that can help you? High-quality digital marketing consultants understand that they shouldn't hide and segment information from their customers. They understand that good digital marketing is also about working with your clients as a partner.

See if their website offers insight into their process, affordable additional tools that can help them with SEO, and in-depth educational guides on digital marketing. Companies that try and keep this information from their customers may not be the kind of businesses you want to have long-term business relationships with.

6. Transparent Pricing

When you find a digital marketing company that you like, it's important that you get a quote from there based on the kind of services you need. Requesting pricing shouldn't be a lengthy process, and the company shouldn't make you feel as if you should make a purchase or sign a contract after the request.

Although it's important to have a budget in mind when seeking digital marketing services, you also need to be aware of the average prices to expect. In order to get an idea, make sure to get the pricing of multiple companies. Their quotes should include the parameters of the project as well as set realistic expectations for how long the campaign will take.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services: Go With Experience

When it comes to hiring a company for digital marketing consulting services, focus on finding one with experience. Take a look at their website in order to get a good idea of their professionalism, from the information they provide in their blogs to the design of their website. You'll also want to find companies that offer case studies so you can see how former clients benefited from their services.

Next, keep in mind how you prefer communicating. The company you work with should be able to respond to you promptly whether it's through phone or email. Communicating with efficiency can save you a lot of time and headache if you need alterations on the SEO content their producing for your blog, for instance,

You may want to pause a PPC campaign in order to make a copy adjustment or alter the design of your website. Regardless of the issue, you need a company that's able to respond to your needs.

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