Marketing Knowledge is Tough

If you are an information-based product, you know it's hard to put a value on knowledge before someone has seen the benefit, especially in areas where your target might not really understand. This is where Brand Strategy and Brand Messaging can help you communicate your value in meaningful and motivating ways.

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How We Help Info-Based Businesses

We believe that strategy is critical to marketing effectiveness. We know that many information-based businesses don't have the resources to spend heavily on marketing strategy. However, we believe so strongly in this approach that we offer a marketing strategy guarantee. You don't pay for our strategy work unless we find a better target or message than what you have today.

Information-based businesses are very similar to the service industry in the fact we both market knowledge. We've been in the service industry for many years. We know how tough it is to convey your knowledge in a meaningful way that showcases both your value and your uniqueness. This is where we can help.

Brand Strategy

This process helps you clearly define your ideal customer base. If you don't have a clear understanding of your base, your content is likely to be generic and not as motivating.

Brand Messaging

After you identify your ideal customer, it's time to learn how to motivate them to act. By knowing what motivates them, you can craft a compelling message that solves a need and explains your point of difference.

Content Marketing

Content marketing and free demos of information-based products are the two most powerful tools in your marketing tool kit. A strong Brand Strategy and Brand Messaging will ensure your content is relevant and motivating.

Creating Relevant Content

As a service provider, you need to showcase your knowledge and be seen as an expert. Content Marketing can help you do that. By knowing your target and what is motivating to them, you can create relevant content for each stage of the marketing funnel. The key difference here is that you are marketing your content as a means to market your expertise and establish your credibility. This is probably among the most powerful and underutilized or suboptimal market tactics available to you.

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Drive More Trial

A strong Brand Strategy and Brand Messaging will ensure you don't get lost in the sea of sameness. Information-based products can look very similar to the uninitiated. Ensuring that your message solves a pressing need in a differentiated way is key to driving more trial by your customer base. Pricing and discounts work, but they don't last. A compelling message endures.

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Increase Your Visibility

Building links to your site from credible sources will help improve your visibility and reputation. Getting published is one of the best ways to drive links. There are various avenues available, from getting quoted in news articles to guest posting on high domain authority sites. The key is again great, relevant content. Having a solid Brand Strategy and Brand Messaging will increase your chances of producing content people want to read and therefore want to publish. Affiliate marketing can also help drive referrals from trusted sources.

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