Our Main Focus

We exist to help local businesses market their business to their community. Our marketing firm provides proven strategies that get results– all so you can feel confident that your money is well spent. That’s because we have an expert-level team, who has done it before. ProStrategix is where small businesses can find practical advice to make their marketing efforts more effective.

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How We Help Local Businesses

We’ve been in your shoes. After 25 years in business, we’ve either lived through what you are facing or helped someone like you. But, we’re not stuck in the past, giving yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems. We designed around it. We blend experienced senior and fresh talent, so you get the benefit of experience leverage through today’s technology and platforms.

We believe that strategy is critical to marketing effectiveness. We know that small and local businesses don't have the resources to spend heavily on marketing strategy. However, we believe so strongly in this approach that we offer a marketing strategy guarantee. You don't pay for our strategy work unless we find a better target or message than what you have today.  

Brand Strategy

This process helps you clearly define your ideal customer base. If you don't have a clear understanding of your base, your content is likely to be generic and not as motivating.

Brand Messaging

After you identify your ideal customer, it's time to learn how to motivate them to act. By knowing what motivates them, you can craft a compelling message that solves a need and explains your point of difference.


We know local businesses don't have large marketing budgets. That's why we developed pricing tiers that local businesses can afford. These services can scale as your business grows.

Find the Right Target

One of our recent projects helped a local business develop the right target for his practice. He had multiple potential client types, and he was unsure which would provide the greatest opportunity. We conducted a market segmentation study to uncover the segments with the best potential. Then, we tested these segments to see which responded the best. After we completed the work, he was able to advertise more effectively and doubled the size of his practice within 6 months.

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Get More Leads

Our custom lead generating process is great for local businesses looking for clients. Our proven process generates qualified leads at rates ~50% higher than benchmarks. This is an important tactic for medium to high purchase involvement decisions. When there are longer sales funnels, leads need to be nurtured and cultivated. One of our most recent clients saw his warm leads double using our method.

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Drive More Traffic

Local businesses benefit the most from local search engine optimization. By developing relevant content that can be tailor to fit your town, neighborhood, or suburb, you can compete more effectively for long-tailed keywords. Most small businesses don't have the domain authority needed to compete effectively for high search volume keywords, and localization definitely helps you stand out.

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