3 Proven Digital Marketing Techniques You Should Use

INTRO PHRASE: Content Marketing, SEO/SEM, and Market Automation are three relatively inexpensive digital marketing techniques that will supercharge your marketing efforts.
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Marketing your small business is an essential way to reach a wider audience. While digital marketing has been around for ages, it is constantly changing, and new techniques appear every day. To help you market your small business, we have a few different digital techniques that have proved to work, time after timeThey are relatively cheap and can have a big impact 

Content Marketing is a Digital Marketing Tactic Everyone Benefits From

When it comes to digital marketing, content marketing is a strategy that many people can use, and even higher numbers of people could benefit. Unlike other forms of marketing, content marketing can help you communicate with and educate an audience instead of just continually selling to them. I’ve been using the ProStrategix blog for almost two years now, and it has helped me learn more about my industry, and it helps me educate other people. Plus, it raises our brand awareness. Everyone is a winner.  

If you’re looking to get into content marketing for your business, Entrepreneur.com talks more about it in their article “10 Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth by R.L. Adams. Adams’s article talks about some of the most important information for your blog, including how to start and maintain a content marketing “strategy” of your own. 

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Search Engine Marketing SEM and Optimization SEO are Key

First, let’s talk about these terms. Many use them interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. SEM is the net effect of both your paid search and your organic search on your website traffic. SEO focuses on only organic traffic.  

Using both SEO and SEM in concert is a great way to market yourself digitallyBy identifying the keywords that your business can best use, you can expand your reach. When you combine the best practices of content marketing, SEO, and SEM, your business can really succeed.  

The Balance has a great overview of SEO/SEM by Laura Lake titled 10 Strategies for Marketing Your Business Online. If you’re looking to increase your digital search engine marketing efforts, Lake’s tips can really help you out. She looks at SEO from several angles, including blog writing, press releases, contests, email marketing, and more. 

Marketing Automation Is the Future

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While it might sound futuristic, using AI in your digital marketing strategy in 2020 is both smart and possible. Single Grain has an article about “42 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020,” but their first few examples revolve around AI and artificial communication with your customers.  

Using marketing automation doesn’t mean having robots running your company or anything. Instead, it allows for a shortcut to reach out to your customers more efficiently and in greater numbers than your human resources can guaranteeIt’s a handy skill to master. Single Grain’s article also looks at how chatbots can be incredibly valuable as a form of marketing automation that still acts human, so you can expand your customer service with exponential costs.

Our Top Three Digital Marketing Strategies

To summarize, here are the three strategies and techniques I recommend to help market your business digitally: 

  1. Content marketing by using blogs can help your business reach a wider audience, all while sharing your knowledge to help prospects. 
  2. An SEM approach that properly includes SEO can fix the efficiency of your marketing spending with search enginesall to drive more site traffic and spend less. 
  3. Using marketing automation toolslike chatbots or phone servicescan ease some of the struggles of communicating with your customers 24/7 by doing it digitally. 

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