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Ridgewood: Surprising Little Corner of Queens 

As a Manhattanite my entire 20 plus years that I’ve lived in the city, I used to struggle with the pride that people took from living in the boroughs. I thought it was odd but moved on. 

It wasn’t until after I started this business that I challenged myself to spend a day in as many neighborhoods in the city as I could in a year. There are over 300, so it wasn't a trivial task. That’s when I got it. I finally got the pride thing. There is so much to see and experience, but it doesn’t get the press. 

I share that story because I probably would have never made the trip to Ridgewood. That would have been a shame.  It’s highly diverse, and multicultural. It’s livable and affordable, from a Manhattanite perspective. There is a lot more to do that you realize. When you walk around, it’s obvious that there are a number of historical districts in Ridgewood. In fact, there are 10.

Get Right Small Business Marketing Help

Use the 6 Key Factors

6 Factors Great Small Business Marketing Agency

All great marketing starts with a strategy.

In other words, the small business has a clear understanding of their market segment, and they have a clear picture of how they can win. Strategic marketing is how you make this happen.

Measurement and Return of Advertising Spending are Must Haves

If there isn't a expected outcome and clear indication of your expected return, then find other help marketing your small business.

Testing is Key

If the small business marketing agency you found to help raise your visibility in your market doesn't have a testing and learning plan, find someone else

Digital Marketing Knowhow is Fundamental

Any small business digital marketing agency should have digital knowhow. But, you would be surprised that many don't. Before you accept marketing help for your small business, check their technical credentials. Do they offer email marketing? What does their own online marketing look like? How about social media marketing? What do their post look like?

Small Business Experience Can't be Beat

This probably goes without saying, but you'll want to make sure that any marketing help you hire has significant small business experience. Large company solutions won't work.

Risk Sharing

Marketing is inherently risky. When seeking marketing help, see whether they will share the risk with your small business.

Why Digital Marketing is Important in Ridgewood?

The marketing challenges in Ridgewood are more about differentiation and awareness.  Local digital marketing, when used effectively, can help either one.

  1. Local digital marketing in Ridgewood is about being visible, at the right time, and at the right place.
  2. Most businesses are not run by the wealthy in Ridgewood so it is important to provide that visibility as inexpensively as possible. 
  3. Local digital marketing lets your target the right customers when they are nearby, relatively inexpensively. It is so much easier to get what you need when it's a short walk from where you are.

Do They Give You a Guarantee?

Look, you want any small business marketing partner vesting in your outcome. Marketing is risking. So, you shouldn't have to bear all the risk. Look for small business marketing help that is confident enough in their skills to own some of the risks. If they are, then you know they genuinely want to help your small business succeed.

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Size of a Marketing Firm Matters

Size and local knowledge matter. That's been proven, consistently. Therefore, the quality of the help you receive depends on the knowledge of the area, plus the experience level of the team assigned to your business.

In truth, there are many different benefits that marketing firms of different sizes provides. As Liz O'Neill points out on the Precision Marketing Group blog, the help any small business marketing firm provides needs to match the scale you require.

If you need help with marketing your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Things to Remember…

If you're thinking about finding help in Red Hook for your small business, here are the things to keep in mind.

  1. Find a firm that knows your area. If your small business is marketing in Ridgewood, you'll want help from someone who understands the lay of the land, character of the neighborhood, and the challenges its businesses face.
  2. Find a company you can trust. If you can't trust a business to have your best interests, you're already going to be left in the lurch. Make sure you have a guarantee that your business will be treated fairly by all parties.
  3. Get the size of help you need. A larger firm can provide more resources and can do more things. A smaller firm, on the other hand, can be less intimidating, with the added benefit of one-on-one help from the best the company can offer.

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