Choosing the Right Small Business Marketing Firm for Greenpoint

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Greenpoint: Gentrification on Hold?

Greenpoint is one of those hidden neighborhoods in Brooklyn. After rezoning in the late 2000s, new developments started to pop-up along the waterfront, and it seemed destined to become the next, Williamsburg or DUMBO. However, in the aftermath of COVID, things appear to have paused.

A number of businesses have struggled. Some didn't make it. As we start to come out of COVID in 2021, the question is will the gentrification return? What will the character of the neighborhood be? Will the foodie restaurants, bars, galleries, and riverfront high-rises refill? 

It's a real marketing challenge when faced with an uncertain demographic. How can you hold on to what you have, but be ready if things return to the way they were?

How to Evaluate Small Business Marketing Firms

Use the 6 Key Factors

6 Factors Great Small Business Marketing Agency

You Need to Know Where You Are Going Before Choosing How to Get There.

Strategy is a term that is misused often. A strategy is making a clear choice of between options. As a metaphor, I like to use a vacation as the example. The strategy is choosing where to go. The tactic is the means of transportation. Here, you need to evaluate if the agency you choose has a clear understand of where you are going and how it can deploy its tactics to help you win.

Your Marketing Needs to Deliver a Return

Sometimes marketing is an investment. Sometimes programs work. Sometimes, they fail. Regardless, you need a measurement plan in place to know which to kill and which to grow.

Testing is How You Learn

Learning is part of any marketing campaign. It is how you improve and grow. The market is constantly changing. You will be best suited to meet that change if you constantly testing.

Digital Marketing Knowhow is Fundamental

Digital marketing is a diverse field. One group specializes on web design and another on social. If you need a specialized agency for each, the costs add up quickly. Each have overheads they need to cover. This is where a full service agency can help. Those overheads are shared the different disciplines. Now, one caveat, it is important to know that the full service agency can provide the same if not better quality as the specialized.

Small Business Experience Can't be Beat

Large company solutions or carbon copies of other campaigns rarely work for small businesses. If you are seeking marketing help, make sure that the firm you chose has the experience in small business.

Risk Sharing

If a marketing firm will not share some of the risk with you, then they are not as vested in the outcome as you are.

Why Digital Marketing is Important in Greenpoint?

There are very few models for business where gentrification has paused. It creates a bit of an identity crisis. You aren't likely to go back to the neighborhood it was. Too many old time residents moved. You might not become a haven for the hip. Then, what are you? Personally, I don't think NYC is dead. It will bounce back, as it does, I believe the gentrification pause in Greenpoint will end. So the question is what to do in the meantime? This comes down to branding and targeting. Can your brand meet the target you have today and expand to meet the target of tomorrow?

  1. Local digital marketing in Greenpoint is about targeting. Who are the right people to reach, now and 2-3 years down the road?
  2. Once you identify the target, it is important to raise awareness among them that your business exists and begin to reach a wider group who may become your target in the next few years.
  3. Local digital marketing lets you target your current base in the immediate neighborhood and encourage a new set of customers to come see what you have to offer.

Are They in This With You?

Marketing always contains some risk. You should be suspect of anyone who tells you otherwise. Yes, there are techniques that can make you much more successful. However, any seasoned marketer knows that even with the best techniques, there is always some uncertainty. If you truly are a team, then your partner should be willing to help you share some of the risk, as long as you are willing to follow best practices. If your partner helped you build the strategy and craft the brand message, then it is reasonable that they share some of the risk. This way you are both aligned to the same goal, which is delivering a positive return on your marketing spending.

Why Size & Location Matters?

First, if you work with a larger firm, the quality of the people and the time they will invest is directly proportional to the amount of money you spend. They may tell you otherwise, but you know that not every client or customer is treated equally. This is why you want to find a firm where you budget matters to them. This way your project gets the attention it deserves instead of being given to a junior team member as part of the 10 other projects he or she is working on.

In addition, local knowledge is important so your message comes across as authentic. If the firm doesn't understand your neighborhood, town, or city, then the language they use or tone of the campaign can be off. Customers are smarter than many give them credit for. They can usually spot fakes easily.

If you need help with marketing your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Things to Remember…

If you're thinking about finding help in Greenpoint for your small business, here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Find a firm that knows your area. If your small business is marketing in Greenpoint, you'll want help from someone who understands how Brooklyn works. The best marketing firms understand what makes Greenpoint stand out  and can communicate with the community.
  2. Find a company you can trust. If you can't trust a business to have your best interests, you're already going to be left in the lurch. Make sure you have a guarantee that your business will be treated fairly by all parties.
  3. Get the size of help you need. A larger firm can provide has more resources and can do more things. A smaller firm, on the other hand, can feel like a neighbor in Greenpoint with the added benefit of one-on-one help from the best the company can offer.

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