December 2, 2020

Social Media Marketing on Facebook for Your Small Business

A look at the two different approaches to marketing on Facebook for small businesses: ad-driven and content driven marketing.

A look at the two different approaches to marketing on Facebook for small businesses: ad-driven and content driven marketing.

When it comes to understanding the means of social media marketing on any platform, there are two things that are usually discussed. On Facebook, for example, a small business can build marketing in two different but vital ways. Ads on Facebook can help you reach a wide audience and promote your business through paid advertising and placement. Posting and content creation, however, can develop your brand in a way that is less about advertising and more about communicating.

In this piece, I’ll break down two tips to understand social media marketing on a platform like Facebook.

How to Build Facebook Ads

How to Build Facebook Ads

Assuming you know your audience and how to target them, Facebook advertising can be a major way small business marketing can reach the public. Building an advertising strategy for a business involves identifying the types of ads that would most help your business and your long-term goals. Consider the awareness of your audience, where they are in the consideration phase, and how to convert your viewers into customers.

Also essential is making creative ads, either with video content or clever entertainment value. The biggest benefit of social media marketing is making a small business’s ad seem dynamic, something that Facebook is really helpful with.

Sprout Social’s Brent Barnhart has a really useful piece about just these strategies, but you might also benefit from knowing how ProStrategix can help you build Facebook marketing for your small business.

Boost Your Facebook Small Business Page for Free Marketing Help

Boost Your Facebook Small Business Page for Free Marketing Help

Facebook marketing isn’t just about advertisements; free means of expanding your small business reach is also critical. One means of doing this can include helping your Facebook business page better. Creative content and clever messaging can combine to help your small business shine. Similarly, the ability to share images and links and videos on your small business’s Facebook page can provide free marketing outreach.

Also helpful is Facebook’s analytical data, which can help you advertise not just on Facebook but on other sites as well. An article at Word Stream provides some important information on this very topic, though some of the details are a bit dated due to the 2013 publication.

Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Here are the two things to remember for your small business when it comes to Facebook marketing:

  1. Ad-building on Facebook is a great tool to reach the widest audience of any social media platform
  2. Using free tools on Facebook can also help to learn more about your business’s audience while also providing a page to post content that can help engage your audience in new and different ways.

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Brian Cairns, CEO of Prostrategix Consulting. Over 25 years of business experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and small business owner. For more information, please visit my LinkenIn profile

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