October 31, 2020

3 New Ideas - Small Business Influencer

It can be hard to stand out when you’re attempting to make your mark on the small business influencer landscape, but we have some ideas for you.

It can be hard to stand out when you're attempting to make your mark on the small business influencer landscape, but we have some ideas for you. Every business, no matter how small, needs to make itself stand out, and so we have a few different ideas of how you can use influencers for your advantage. We took three articles we found recently and summarized them for you below. Here are our suggestions for how to make your mark.

Small Business Influencers:

Think Micro vs. Macro

Our first article, by Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead from Small Biz Trends, discusses the concept of micro-influencers. Unlike normal influencers, the idea behind micro-influencing is about helping small businesses develop stronger relationships with smaller influencers. In other words, you can work with people that only have a reach in the thousands instead of a reach of people in the millions. Unlike normal celebrity influencers, there is a higher amount of interaction that can happen between micro-influencers and small business owners that help them spread ideas about.

Small Business Influencers:

You Can't Set It & Forget It

Second, in a really great blog post by Meredith Wood at Fundera, she examined the ways that influencer cultures can work well for your company. Influencers for small business aren't a new idea, but it's hard to know who has the social influence you need. More than that, the network effects need to be tracked. If you start down this path you need to stick with it.

Which Small Business Influencer to Follow?

Finally, we have the article by Chanell Turner from the Atlanta Small Business Network. She points out five up-and-coming influencers that you might consider following: Sara Blakely, Founder, and CEO of Spanx, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chairman VaynerX and CEO, VaynerMedia, and others. We follow Gary. We find his insights very helpful. Our strategy has been a mix of people with expertise in areas we don't have and those who we enjoy.

Small Business Influencer: 3 Takeaways

In summary, when it comes to developing your small business influencer network, there are three things we'd like to leave you with:

  1. Think micros vs. macro first. It's easier to build a relationship and stand out with less well-known influencers.
  2. Don't set and forget it. It takes effort. It's easy to want to put it on autopilot. Don't
  3. Find a mix. Echo chambers abound. If you stay too long in one, you become deaf. Make sure to stay balanced.

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