Customer Stories

Alliance Tutoring

Full Strategy Process for Start to Finish

Alliance tutoring came to us with a basic business concept. They were unsure of the target and needed help. In our first phase, we completed the Brand Strategy Process. Through testing, we demonstrated effectiveness, and moved to the Brand Messaging phase. From which, we built our Digital Strategy, and finally, our Marketing Plan. We are currently testing aspects of the Digital Strategy. Results to date have shown response rates to our Lead Generation program are more than double industry benchmarks. Stay tuned for more updates.

Urban Nutrition Consultants

Brand Strategy & Messaging

Urban Nutrition Consultants is Dietitian practice in New York City. They are amazing dietitians, but they were novices in marketing when they first came to us. We took them through our Brand Strategy Process and validated the best target for them. Once the target was validated, we moved on to messaging, which ended the project.

"I had a vision for my start-up company and ProStrategix helped put the puzzle pieces together. Getting clients in the door was nearly impossible on my own but Brian was able to work with me to create a brand that not only makes sense to me but also to potential clients. I can't imagine my company or mental state without their help. If you're passionate about your business and want to show value to your clients work with ProStrategix"

Tembo NYC

Brand Strategy Opt-Out Example

Tembo is an e-commerce, socially conscious brand, who came to us after sales had flattened on the custom face masks. Business was great when there was little competition, but changed dramatically with it.

Tembo was set on their strategy, so we solely executed it using our PPC services. When we say sub-optimal results, we knew something was off on the strategy. It mainly had to do with the value proposition mismatch with pricing and paid shipping. Unfortunately, the declined our offer to help them reconsider their strategy.

This is a great example of why the strategy process is so important. Without it, you may not be using the right tactics or trying to solve the wrong problem.

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