February 16, 2021

Small Business Internet Marketing Agency

Real-Time marketing is an important tool that a great small business internet marketing agency uses to help their clients succeed.

You may be wondering if real-time marketing is just another buzz-word. The truth is that the word itself is relatively new. But the concept has been around for years.

Real-time marketing simply means keep your marketing up to date by reflecting events that are happening in the present day. This was harder in the past. But, today, Small business marketing agencies can take advantage of this by using the internet for all it is worth.

How a Small Business Internet Marketing Agency Can Use Real-Time Strategies

The agency Ethinos wrote a good explainer a few years ago about real-time marketing. We will cover a few of the advantages for small business.

First, real-time internet marketing allows for an ability to stay on top of current events so it can alter its campaign with the needs of the small business world.

For example, if a small business finds that its social media success is driven by referencing what is happening in the world of finance or sports, then a small business internet marketing agency can help target the campaigns in that direction. For instance, they would set up alerts on sports related topics. Then, when alerted, they would quickly reply through the client's social media channels referencing those events.

Real-time social media and small business internet marketing agencies take the issues that are happening in the day-to-day world and link them to their small business clients. As a result, they can leverage the news interest to help drive awareness for their clients. It's a very powerful technique once you have found your niche.

Small Business Internet Agency Newsjacks

Issues with Real-Time that a Small Business Internet Marketing Agency Manages

When trying to tackle real-time marketing, one of the hardest issues for a small business to manage is the speed at which news happens. It can be so rapid that small businesses quickly be overwhelm and stop.

An article by Dom Nicastro in CMS Wire about these challenges points out the real-time marketing challenges, while also explaining how effective real-time marketing can be. For example, determining ways to build messages is difficult. Similarly, a small business can't make long-form content on the fly without the proper information and procedures in place. This is where having a good digital marketing consultant or agency can help.

This can be managed, to some degree, by having cut-and-paste content ready.  Marketing automation, the robotic version of cut-and-paste, offers another option. Both can work for awhile, but eventually, they sound fake, and followers lose interest.

This is one area where small business internet marketing agencies shine. They can handle a small business' campaign by creating content quickly and successfully. Any good small business marketing agency is adept at making content that can adjust to the needs of the internet. In fact, it is one of the best digital marketing services it provides.

Small Business Internet Agency Realtime

Real-Time Marketing in Summary

Real-time internet marketing can be tough, especially for a small business. It requires significant investment, but it can be very powerful. A small business internet marketing agency can help, but it's not without it's pros and cons.

  • PROS: Real-time marketing can help a small business remain trending. It can also reflect the world on a day-to-day basis increasing your relevance. You also stay informed of what the rest of the internet is talking about, so you're never out of the loop.

  • CONS: Small businesses can have a tough time keeping up with the speed and volume. You will likely have to hire a capable small business internet marketing agency or an employee to keep up with all the breaking news and trends. Without that investment, it will be hard to reap the benefits.

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