February 13, 2021

Finding the Social Media Audience for Your Lower East Side Small Business

When it comes to finding the social media audience for your Lower East Side small business, check out our tips on how to hone your target.

When it comes to finding the social media audience for your Lower East Side small business, check out our tips on how.

Social media marketing is a key part of most digital marketing strategies. For many small businesses, social media has become the biggest means of communicating with your audience. But finding that social media audience is another question entirely for your small business, especially when you’re catering to a specific local area like Lower East Side. Here are some tactics to keep in mind.

Finding the Right Audience

One important factor for social media audience-building among small businesses (whether in Lower East Side or across the world) involves knowing who to direct your content towards. This involves identifying where your audience exists and how to talk to them. Finding your audience means identifying your ideal customer. This first will involve building an ideal persona for your customer, including some of the following details:

  1. Demographics (age, location, education, etc.).
  2. The needs of your customer
  3. Find what makes your customers unique

Eclincher has an article about ideal audiences that might be helpful, but you can find this information by talking to your current audience and learning more from them.

Discover Your Lower East Side Social Media Audience

Finding a localized small business social media audience in Lower East Side involves a few specific tricks. First of all, make sure you know how to build your localized audience on platforms. It isn’t just about being a New York City business; clarifying where you fit in is equally as important. So make sure your profile notes that you are a Lower East Side-located business. It’ll make the different.

Second, if you know specific demographics about your audience, you can write towards their needs. On the Lower East Side, for example, you need to know the downtown crowd. Younger than other areas of Manhattan, the Lower East Side is artsier than some of the more business-oriented neighborhoods of Manhattan. But you know your business better than anyone, so build the demographics to your company's needs.

What Social Media Platform Benefits Your Small Business Audience?

Once you know the ideal persona of your customer, you should be able to better find the customer as well. But finding where that audience resides and how to talk to them is equally as important different social media platforms have different advantages and disadvantages. Neil Patel’s blog gets into the deeper differences of each platform, but here are some quick pointers to identify.

  • Facebook: Great for targeting as deeply and widely as possible
  • Instagram: Has the highest engagement rate amongst social media apps but requires photo content
  • Twitter: Best for little snippets and short content, it helps with communicating with a known audience.
  • LinkedIn: Great for professional engagement and ads that deal with B2B transactions.

There are other apps as well that you might want to consider, but these are for of the biggest.

In Conclusion…

When it comes to building an audience for your Lower East Side small business, here are three social media tips to know.

  1. Identify the audience your small business needs on social media and in the Lower East Side.
  2. Use the right social media platforms that fit the needs for your small business, and where you can find their audiences.
  3. Once you get the audience, expand your reach through engagement and social media usage.

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